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    FEBRUARY 2015

Opening Ceremony of the ECF Farm


Soon there will be vegetables, herbs and fish straight from Berlin - on March 6 our tenant ECF Farmsystems celebrates the grand opening of the ECF Farm and the ECF Farmer's Market on the Malzfabrik.


Fresh food with resource-saving and transparent production will soon be available in the middle of Berlin.


The ECF Farmer's Market will offer fresh herbs and salads from the greenhouse rght after the festivities. The small rosé perch still need to grow a bit and will be available in the farm shop from October.


In order to get an approximate number of guests, we ask for a binding registration at the following link. Event admission is free, of course.


Click here to register for free >>


MALZWIESE becomes 5!


This year's Malzwiese takes place on 6 June 2015 on the Malzfabrik, as the banner already announces on our fence.

Although the year is still young and we have just started the second week, the first preparations for the anniversary Malzwiese are in full swing.

5 years of Malzwiese - this year we can look forward to a very special summer festival with many surprises and lots of confetti.

So mark your calendar on June 6th and come and celebrate our 5th anniversary with us. We look forward to the next few weeks, and especially on a great Malzwiese with you.
Stay tuned, it's gonna be fabulous!


Urban Oasis needs you!


The Urban Oasis shall grow into the new haven of the Malzfabrik – providing tenants, the team and all visitors of the Malzfabrik with a environment for a revitalizing power break.


But our creative guys are still looking for tools and building material to complete the Urban Oasis.



+ a few shovels

+ rakes

+ one/two wheelbarrow(s)

+ about 20 (identical) euro-pallets

+ tons of potting soil


We would be very happy if helpful people would give those two a hand and support the creative project.


Please send offers of material and/or help to the following email:



    JANUARY 2015

Green Capital Mail


We placed a PIN letter-box for our premises right at the entrace to take advantage of the largest private mail service provider.

One passes the narrow green letter-box every day and can feed it with mail. For larger shipments there is a pick-up service, which is ordered as needed. The Malzteam is testing the PIN system and in the near future our tenants can make use of this service.

The decision to use the PIN Mail AG has another important aspect in addition to the shipping simplification, which is reflected in its responsibility towards nature and the city of Berlin: carbon neutral shipping and an environmentally conscious company philosophy.

To a green soul of Berlin!

For more information on PIN Mail AG go to

New year, new faces!


Versuchskind Berlin adds more creative minds to the second floor of Next, where many tenants from various industries have already gathered and treat each other with curiosity, leading to some exciting synergies.
Versuchskind Berlin are a perfect match with their uniquely designed jeans. All handcrafted from the best materials, the best possible production and some experimental spirit to go along. Each jeans is a unique item!

Temporarily - but just as exciting - DentaCore GmbH will also move to the second floor. They are pioneers in the field of orthodontics and specialists for digital scan, design and manufacturing technology. They equip practices of orthodontists with future-proof 3D technologies.
One focus of 3D applications is the virtual design and digital fabrication of Aligner rails. Aligners, also called dental correction rails, allow patients of all ages invisible orthodontics for a perfect smile. We think this is pretty cool!
In the coming months they will move into the newly-built and modernized basement space of the Next.

    Q4 2014



We can not deny the season any longer – it is cold outside. Some plants have already been brought inside for winter to shield them from the characteristically icy winds that often blow around the Malzfabrik grounds.

It is been pretty quiet on the meadow construction site. The full completion of the ramp will be in the new year. But the shrubs that are to adorn the ramp will have been planted until then. So comes spring, we can admire the blossoming ramp next to the finished ECF Farmsystems Farm.

We are looking forward to a lot of green growth in the new year and enjoy the wintry calm on the site in the meantime.


And the winner is...


On December 10, our CEO and visionary Frank Sippel was honored for his long-standing commitment to historic preservation with the Ferdinand-von-Quast-Medaille.


Since 1987 the medal is awarded annually to people or institutions by the Senator for Urban Development on the proposal of the State Heritage Authority Berlin. It honors the individual achievements of the receipients who have made an outstanding contribution to Berlin monuments or historic preservation and also encourages other monument owners or monument friends to engage with historic preservation in their own way.

The award is named after the first Prussian state conservator, Ferdinand von Quast, who was appointed to office by King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. in 1843.

The entire team at the Malzfabrik is excited and grateful for this wonderful compliment. We hope to inspire others with our path of sustainable heritage conservation and thus have a positive influence on urban development.


The beautiful Maggie


The beautiful Maggie was accepted as a permanent team member and we discover new green branches everytime we take a walk on the meadow.

Maggie is our magnolia and she will bring blossoming joy to the grassy meadow next spring. The anticipation for that beauty is great.

Welcome, Maggie!


The Taste 2014


Kai from the Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen and our tenant Foodpol, which is located in the heart of the Malzfabrik, can be seen on the show THE TASTE every Wednesday at 20.15.

Among other things he has to face the harsh criticism of Tim Mälzer and Frank Rosin and convince them with his exceptional ideas. If you want to be inspired by Kai's cooking you should definitely watch this Wednesday and take in the great shots of the Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen.

The battle of the finalists is on and the Malzteam is a willing witness.


A new face at the reception


The search for a new friendly face for our gatehouse is over!

After many great applications Uli is now here to stay and will actively support Uschi and Julius at the reception. He will not only welcome our tenants and visitors, but also share his experience as part of the Malzteam.

And Uli has immediately set a new trend on the premises! Our pink lenyard now serves not only as a keychain, but also as a patch for clothes. An invitation for imitation!


Welcome, Uli!


    Q3 2014

Nature flows through our cables!


The Malzteam may rejoice, the Malzfabrik is now officially certified for natural electricity.

Since we always want to go down further on the path of sustainability, this was a big and important Green Step. To encourage our tenants and visitors to upgrade to natural power we looked for a suitable place for our natural energy certification.

We found the perfect place for it on our Malzplan right at the entrance and hopefully draw plenty attention to natural electricity.


A new face with the Malzteam!


The Malzfabrik is excited - Ulrike Peters is expecting! So a couple of weeks ago the Malzteam went on a search of a worthy sbstitution for the next 12 months.

Sally is 36 years old and wholeheartedly a Berliner, born and raised. Since 2006 she has been working as a freelancer in child / youth work and adult education.

The Malzfabrik is not only benefiting from Sally's warm nature, but also by her ample professional experience. In recent years she has worked primarily in management, organization and planning of projects at different social work institutions in Berlin. Finally, Sally is also the treasurer of the Kulturpflaster e.V. and takes care of the Lehrwerkstatt Malzkabinett.

We are very pleased to have found a great substitution for our dear Ulrike and wish Sally a perfect start with us.


Welcome to the team, Sally!


Cycling to work


The Malzteam joined the initiative of ADFC and AOK "Ride your bike to work" and eagerly cycles through the capital. Whether from Mitte, Friedrichshain, Weissensee, Steglitz or Schöneberg – those bikes are almost always out.

We are not only eyeing the great prizes for our bikes, but aim to inspire and make others aware of the event with our participation.
So let´s all pedal along and do something good for the environment and your health!

The following link has more information:


The meadow is changing


We have quite a bit in store for the summer! Not only are the two retention ponds being built, but also the last construction on the next door building Next is underway.

The facade of the basement is getting insulated and the foundation for the terraces to the meadow laid out. With that, we are one step closer to completing some special spaces in the Next and look forward to welcoming new tenants soon.

The foundation for the ramp is built at the same time, and thus the passage between office complex and meadow is becoming reality. Tenants of the Next will be able to drive onto the meadow parking lot by the end of the year.

In order for the meadow to remain a meeting place on our grounds, we continue to pretty it up. We planted a magnolia in the center of the meadow where it will beautify the season next spring. The magnolia can be best seen from our new barbecue platform. Some concrete slabs had to be moved in the course of construction from the rear of the meadow, so instead of throwing them away, they were stacked to form a seating area which perfectly serves as a grill station. Look closely and you will recognize our initials MF.

We are excited about what this summer will bring. There are a lot of developments around here!


Construction has started!


The construction of the largest urban aquaponic farm in Europe has begun on our meadow. The 1.800 square foot facility is designed and built by our tenants ECF Farmsystems, who have already enriched our grounds with the Containerfarm.

The ECF Farm Berlin calculates to produce approx. 25 tonnes of fish and 35 tons of high-quality vegetables per year. From the beginning of 2015 vegetables and fish will be sold by ECF Farmsystems in a direct sales model to consumers and restaurateurs.

The products are offered fresh from the day to the consumer by eliminating additional transport routes and cold chains. The transparent production in the middle of Berlin sets the highest standards of ecology, animal health and consumer protection.

Together with ECF Farmsystems we look forward to having plenty of fresh vegetables and fish on our premises.


Last construction at Next


This year we would like to finish the Next and the exterior spaces.


In early May we began preparations for the ramp that will lead directly to the meadow. The terraces of the two basement spaces will be modeled in the process. The expansion of the basement is currently in planning.

The infrastructure for the ECF Farmsystems will be supplied simultaneously with this construction. At the end of the grounds behind the Waggonschuppen one of the largest aquaponic farm systems will be built on 1.800 sqm in the third quarter of the year.

It will be interesting to see who will move into the basements. Several interested parties already exist for the spacious locations. By the end of the year we will be finished with our modern neighbour building Next and then we can fully concentrate on construction phase III.


    Q2 2014



We invited all our dear friends and tenants for grilling and cheering on June 26 to celebrate the World Cup and Jogi's boys with the third Germany match.

The kickoff of "Germany vs. Ghana" was delayed due to technical difficulties with our big screen, but the green pitch showed up as quickly as possible and we followed the match with beer and BBQ. It was a good time and a wonderful summer evening remains in our memory.
We thank all of you who were there and especially those who organized more sausages and delicious salads. Thank´s!


Study project starts!


Malzfabrik and have been on it since May. Both are currently enrolled at the degree program for sustainability and quality management at the HWR Berlin and want to detect our tenants ideas and interests for future community and sustainable living on the Malzfabrik and put it into practice.


We wish Ellin and Gerrit every success with the project and will support them in every way.


To new and long-term synergies on the Malzfabrik!
For further information please click here>>


It was awesome!


Thank you for a wonderful day! Malzwiese was a success!


A huge and loud thank you to all visitors, all market folks, all the bands, the DJ, the technicians, the security people, the paramedics, the photographer, the film crew and to the bar! You were all wonderful!
(We hope we haven´t forgotten anyone!)


A special thanks to our supporters: WALL AG, DaWanda Deutschland, Mesami GmbH, Viva con Agua in Berlin, Junge Helden e.V., Diakonie Deutschland, District Berlin

We shall celebrate again next year: Mark your calendar on June 6, 2015!


Easter Greetings!


The Easter Bunny made a short visit on the Malzfabrik and hid some colorful nests for our tenants. Over 80 tenants could discover green egg cartons filled with homemade eggnog, matching eggnogg cups, painted Easter eggs and meringues. A sweet Easter greeting from the Malzfabrik, spreading some seasonal joy.

The Malzteam wishes everyone merry and sunny Easter holidays - always with a sip of eggnog ☺ !


We train!


This has been no April Fool's joke, for two days Carsten and Marleen attended the basic seminar for instructors of the IHK Berlin. Two lecturers from company training and academia conveyed theory and practice of being an instructor.

This included a rough overview of training regulations, the rights and obligations of trainers and trainees, the structure of vocational professions and communication skills for trainee relations. For the successful completion of the seminar Carsten and Marleen received the IHK Certificate of Completion, with the instructor entitlement for their respective profession.

So in the near future the Malzfabrik will have a trainee in real estate business and a trainee in marketing communications. Another step for the Malzfabrik on the path of sustainability, to train and establish good employees for the long term.