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    AUGUST 2015

Another milestone


"We believe in the Green Steps we are taking. We maintain a relaxed atmosphere with new ideas and initiatives, and ensure satisfaction for us and our visitors" is the summary from a sustainability workshop by the Malzteam.

We would like to stress this with extended sustainability content on our website. The new tab "sustainability" will communicate our Green Steps. Here we show a more sustainable treatment of our environment.
The sustainability section is structured as follows

1 Green Manuals - PDF's for download and follow suit.

2 Green Team - Sustainability is important to each team member, so everyone contributed his own personal tip.

3 Green Ideas - Our personal ideas for a better world and projects which we developed ourselves. Whether DIY or Selfmade – lots of inspiration to be found.

4 Green Tips - Sustainable recommendations for you that we use or discovered ourselves.

5 Green Awards - Here are our collected green awards.
This marks another visible step towards sustainability and we are glad to announce today that this content is available on our website immediately.


This way to the tab>>.


Shape and color

After many plans and even more ideas it's finally here. The dream of our own rainwater ponds becomes reality.

Three years ago we came up with the idea of collecting the rainwater from the roofs and many other impervious surfaces to let it evaporate or seep into the ground, rather than paying money to let it flow into the drains. The result was the design for two rainwater ponds on our meadow. The first will be a natural pond that filters the water and offers home to many rare plants and native species. The second is much larger and an awesome recreational pond with a large beach and dock.
The pond construction came with many difficult preparations. Our rainwater sewers of the individual buildings were combined under the courtyard and are now running into the newly reclaimed cistern under the ramp of the Next building. Both ponds will be fed from there. To prepare for the event that not enough rain water might be available, we are in the process to reactivate one of our deep wells on the property, which has a depth of 100m and will also be connected to our new underground rainwater network.
We developed a coherent general concept with water engineers, filter specialists, geologists, natural gardeners and pond specialists, which is now being implemented step by step. The pond builders devote their attention first on the recreational pond, which has just been formed and will be lined and planted in the coming weeks. In addition, elaborate underground Rigolen structures will prevent a possible flood in the event of persistent heavy rain.
We are ready for the sandy beach and hope to dangle our feet in the water when the golden autumn arrives.


Proud Monument


The Bonn-based German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD) supports more than 160 conservation projects since 1985 thanks to donations and funds of GlücksSpirale and the pension lottery.
The Malzfabrik is part of the program since 2012 and has received support for restoration measures three times already. 2013 saw the restoration of the four chimney heads `Darren` on the roof of the Alte Mälzerei with the help of the DSD.

On August 13, the local DSD curator of Berlin Heike Pieper met Stefanie Hefter and Lutz Trabalski of Lotto Berlin at the Malzfabrik entrance and handed Frank Sippel a symbolic grant agreement worth 25,000 €. This is intended for the restoration of the roof between Kachelhaus and Kellerei, as well as the repair of the two lights at the main gate. We also celebrated the affixing of the monument plaque which the Malzfabrik will be carrying with pride from now on.
We are delighted to receive this award and by the overwhelming support of the German Foundation for Monument Protection!

More about the DSD at:>>


MALZWIESE 2015 - The Film


Cheery Movie! Even the teaser for this year's summer festival reminds us of the wonderful Malzwiese 2015.
We have spent the last few weeks with a large dose of patience and now proudly announce:

The Malzwiese Film is finished! You can watch the film here>>
We thank all our enchanting visitors, creative market-men, cordial sponsors, dear friends and our supportive families for this summery festival.
A big special thanks to the film's producers breuerundsander Matthias Breuer und André Sander GbR that put an awful lot of work and heart into the teaser and the film. Now you can witness it yourself.
So sit back and let the images and sounds bring back the memories of an unforgettable summer day in June!
Picture gallery here>>.

    JULY 2015

Sold out!


At this year's Malzwiese - the summer sestival of the Malzfabrik - the last of a total of 300 farmbox subscriptions of our tenants ECF Farmsystems were sold.
They include fresh seasonal vegetables and specially produced herbs that can be picked up every week for 15 € at the Farmer's Market. Berlin Rosé perch will be available as of October 2015, having grown up with organic feed exclusively. The perfect combination of freshness, health and taste. Everything is produced at the ECF Farm on the Malzfabrik meadow under the title Urban Farming, combining fish farming and vegetable growing in the so-called aquaponic system. Everything naturally grown without pesticides, antibiotics or genetic engineering.
If you want to take a look for yourself, stop by at the Farmer`s Market on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8am – 7pm or Saturdays 10am – 2pm.
Or you pay a visit to the Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen on the Malzfabrik on weekdays noon – 3pm. The daily salad on the menu is delivered fresh from the ECF Farm. So even non-farmbox subscribers can enjoy the local produce until free subscriptions are available.
More information about ECF Farmsystems:
This way to the ECF Farmer's Market>>.


Pure nature


At the beginning of the year the urban oasis founders started their outdoor project at the Malzfabrik with great zest.
A lot has happened since then! Visitors of the summer festival Malzwiese could get a first glimpse of the oasis and see the first flowering beds.
Donations and helping hands created seating, hanging islands, fireplaces, flower and herb beds as well as a fence made of of stacked foliage. The urban oasis has literally blossomed and invites you to relax in Berlin surrounded by nature.
Other projects are still in the pipeline, many materials are needed.

These include:

* Cuttings and plants

* Building material (nails, screws, etc.)

* Garden tools

* Flowerpots, planters

* Rain barrels, gutters

* Foam

* Cords, straps, chains of all kinds

Anyone can participate and bring unneeded material from the basement or shed. The urban oasis happily welcomes every helping hand. Help make the urban oasis grow and bloom!


Helping hands with tips, donations and ideas write to or visit the Facebook site>>.


Coffee break


We are pleased to announce that from 20 to 31 July the Coffee-Bike will be on the Malzfabrik to offer you the finest coffee from 8am to 4pm.

Delicious coffee times
Date: 20 to 31.7.2015
Time: 8am to 4pm 
Location: Courtyard of the Malzfabrik
The Bike stands for quality products in the to-go segment. The Coffee-Bike GmbH exclusively uses espresso beans of its own brand Caferino. Caferino beans are organically certified and consist of 70 percent Arabica and 30 percent Robusta beans.
The made in Germany mobile Café on three wheels is looking forward to your visit! You are cordially invited to visit the Coffee-Bike in the courtyard and start the day with a good macchiato, café creme and much more!


For more information see>>
. Or on their Facebook Page>>.

    MAY 2015



It will be crazy colorful! That we know for sure.


The program for this year's Malzwiese could not be more colorful: sports, dance and yoga will surely satisfy the movement crazed folks, guided tours, a reading and many information stands at the bazaar offer plenty for the curious, and a gourmet corner to raise every foodie´s heartbeat.


On top of that you will find exhibitions and art performances, a make-up corner, a self-repair station in the Malzkabinett, advice for people seeking advice, confetti, bubbles.


Click to the whole fun at a glance>>


Cheery Bags


3000 cheery bags are waiting for the early Malzwiese guests on June 6 year at the entrance for a voluntary donation. The collected donations go to Little Bird Berlin.


Little Bird Berlin is by the Berlin photographer Melanie Lehmann, who is dedicated to children´s causes with great passion. With her project Little Bird Berlin she wants to bring attention to and support the current emergency situation in Nepal.


Make sure you get one of the limited anniversary bags while doing good at the same time!

We sincerely thank all the sponsors who have filled the bag so generously: Dr. Hauschka I Lavera I dm Drogeriemarkt I Lovebox I Einhorn I Erdbär Freche Freunde I Zwergenwiese I Allos I Sonnentor I DaWanda I Junge Helden e.V.


Malzwiese open-air timeline


For the June 6 anniversary we have ten bands on two stages performing for our guests. But not everyone at the same time!


Check out the schedule in the attached PDF with the artists´ performing times and the respective stages.


Quick overview of stage timeline:


Court Stage:

1.00 F.S.Blumm | 2.30 Groove Experience

4.30 Panther | 6.00 Arionce | 8.00 B6BB0


Meadow Stage:

2.00 Kat Vinter | 3.30 Riders Connection

5.15 Helmut | 7.00 Jonah | 9.00 Surprise Act


Timeline overview>>

    APRIL 2015

It's gonna be great!


The Malzwiese is getting closer and closer and preparations are in full swing. The market selection is completed and all the artists are as good as booked.
As we celebrate our 5 year anniversary, the market will be particularly large and varied this year. DIY people, creatives, shopkeepers, online shop owners, home and living, crafts, accessories and fashion artists will present and sell their passionatly created pieces on the sustainable marketplace.


For further information please click here>>.


Under the Rose Arches


The designs for our car park on the meadow behind the Next have been ready since last year. Now that winter is over and temperatures are on the rise we can dedicate ourselves to the construction of the planned lot.
But before it really gets going the foundations for the rose arches had to be set. Entry and exit will be embellished with wild climbing roses and will turn the meadow car park into a real eye catcher.
The foundations are made from old pipes of the Malzfabrik and the rest of the frame is built from left behind factory materials as well. This way old material is preserved and re-used.
The car park and the rose arches are nearing completion and we are looking forward to present you with the final result.


Action planting


Now that spring is finally coming, the Malzfabrik premises need some spring-like decorations too.

Therefore our sustainability officer Karo and the ever industrious gardeners started some serious gardening action in the warm sunshine and dug a new home for about 650 plants.


Whether lilac, sea buckthorn, elderberry, broom or apple trees, a great floral variety will leave the Malzfabrik in a colorful bloom. Now we just need more sun to let all the flowers grow and turn the meadow green.

Nothing beats a sunny spring walk, you are very welcome to stroll around the grounds and admire all the changes.


Or stop over for one of our upcoming Malzabende!


Set up completed


Finally everything is set up. Our new tenants Kutschenreuter Communication feel very much at home in their new office in the Next building.


The new Sales Office / Showroom is the perfect location to consult in customer communication solutions and offers many IP-phones / equipment and supplies to try out on site.


Kutschenreuter Communication can be found at the Next, Bessemerstr.16, 2nd floor.


For more information click here>>.


    MARCH 2015

Openening of the ECF Farmer's Market


The season is on! On Friday, March 6, Europe's largest urban aquaponic farm by ECF Farmsystems opened its doors.
Almost 1000 guests gathered in the Maschinenhalle of the Kachelhaus to inaugurate the completed farm with the ECF team.
After a welcome speech by the two directors of ECF, Nicolas Leschke and Christian Echternacht, everyone ventured to the ECF Farmer's Market where fresh herbs and salads were offered from the adjacent greenhouse.
Every year the 1800 sqm facility will produce and sell 30 tons of vegetables and 25 tons of fish. We look forward to the first rosé perch offered at the market from October.


Oberstübchen re-opened


Spring has ultimately arrived and the Wirtshaus zum Oberstübchen finally opens its doors again on March 11.

The Oberstübchen not only wants to take care of the Malzteam and the Malzfabrik tenants with creative and tasteful culinary delights, all visitors are most welcome as well.


The Oberstübchen has launched us into spring and we are looking forward to delicious and sunny lunch breaks at our tenants.

The meadow is connected


A long and complicated construction phase is slowly coming to an end, the ramp at our neighboring Next was completed on the first sunny days.

Only the gates still have to be assembled and installed, and the remaining fences removed. It will not be long before the ramp is ready for driving action and finally connects the Bessemerstraße with our meadow and associated parking lots.


Pictures of the ramp>>